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org::jruby::RubyBigDecimal Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jruby::RubyBigDecimal:

org::jruby::RubyNumeric org::jruby::RubyObject org::jruby::runtime::builtin::IRubyObject org::jruby::runtime::builtin::InstanceVariables org::jruby::runtime::builtin::InternalVariables

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Detailed Description

Ola Bini

Definition at line 55 of file RubyBigDecimal.java.

Public Member Functions

IRubyObject abs (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject abs ()
IRubyObject add2 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject b, IRubyObject digits)
void addFinalizer (IRubyObject finalizer)
IRubyObject anyToString ()
IRubyObject arg (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject as (Class javaClass)
String asJavaString ()
RubyNumeric asNumeric ()
RubyString asString ()
void attachToObjectSpace ()
final void callInit (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject arg)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject arg)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
IRubyObject callSuper (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject ceil ()
IRubyObject ceil (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject checkArrayType ()
IRubyObject checkStringType ()
IRubyObject coerce (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject conjugate (ThreadContext context)
RubyArray convertToArray ()
RubyFloat convertToFloat ()
RubyHash convertToHash ()
RubyInteger convertToInteger (int convertMethodIndex, String convertMethod)
RubyInteger convertToInteger ()
RubyString convertToString ()
final IRubyObject convertToType (RubyClass target, int convertMethodIndex)
synchronized Object dataGetStruct ()
synchronized void dataWrapStruct (Object obj)
IRubyObject denominator (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject display (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject div (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject divmod (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject dump (IRubyObject[] args, Block unusedBlock)
IRubyObject dup ()
boolean eql (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject eql_p (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject eql_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject equal_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
boolean equals (Object other)
IRubyObject evalUnder (final ThreadContext context, RubyModule under, RubyString src, String file, int line)
IRubyObject evalUnder (final ThreadContext context, RubyModule under, IRubyObject src, IRubyObject file, IRubyObject line)
IRubyObject exponent ()
IRubyObject extend (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject fastGetInstanceVariable (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetInternalVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInstanceVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInternalVariable (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastSetInstanceVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
void fastSetInternalVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fdiv (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject finite_p ()
IRubyObject fix ()
IRubyObject floor ()
IRubyObject floor (IRubyObject[]args)
IRubyObject frac ()
IRubyObject freeze (ThreadContext context)
RubyBoolean frozen_p (ThreadContext context)
double getDoubleValue ()
final boolean getFlag (int flag)
IRubyObject getInstanceVariable (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getInstanceVariableList ()
List< String > getInstanceVariableNameList ()
InstanceVariables getInstanceVariables ()
IRubyObject getInternalVariable (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getInternalVariableList ()
InternalVariables getInternalVariables ()
Class getJavaClass ()
long getLongValue ()
final RubyClass getMetaClass ()
int getNativeTypeIndex ()
final Ruby getRuntime ()
RubyClass getSingletonClass ()
RubyClass getType ()
BigDecimal getValue ()
int getVariableCount ()
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getVariableList ()
Map getVariableMap ()
List< String > getVariableNameList ()
RubyFixnum hash ()
int hashCode ()
boolean hasInstanceVariable (String name)
boolean hasInternalVariable (String name)
boolean hasVariables ()
synchronized IRubyObject id ()
synchronized IRubyObject id_deprecated ()
IRubyObject im (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject image (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject infectBy (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject infinite_p ()
IRubyObject initialize ()
IRubyObject initialize_copy (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject inspect ()
IRubyObject inspect (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_exec (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyBoolean instance_of_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject type)
IRubyObject instance_variable_defined_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject instance_variable_get (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject instance_variable_set (IRubyObject name, IRubyObject value)
RubyArray instance_variables (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject integer_p ()
boolean isClass ()
final boolean isFalse ()
boolean isFrozen ()
boolean isImmediate ()
boolean isModule ()
final boolean isNil ()
boolean isTaint ()
final boolean isTrue ()
RubyBoolean kind_of_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject type)
RubyClass makeMetaClass (RubyClass superClass)
IRubyObject method (IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject modulo (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject mult2 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject b, IRubyObject n)
RubyNumeric multiplyWith (ThreadContext context, RubyBignum value)
RubyNumeric multiplyWith (ThreadContext context, RubyFloat value)
RubyNumeric multiplyWith (ThreadContext context, RubyInteger value)
IRubyObject nan_p ()
IRubyObject nil_p (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject nonzero_p (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject nonzero_p ()
IRubyObject numerator (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject op_cmp (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_cmp (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_div (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other, IRubyObject digits)
IRubyObject op_div (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_eqq (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_equal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_ge (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_gt (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_le (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_lt (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_match (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_minus (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_mod (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_mul (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_plus (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject b)
IRubyObject op_pow (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject op_quo (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_uminus (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject op_uminus ()
IRubyObject op_uplus ()
IRubyObject polar (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject precs ()
IRubyObject private_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject protected_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject public_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject quo (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject quo_19 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject rbClone ()
IRubyObject re (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject real (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject remainder (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject remove_instance_variable (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name, Block block)
void removeFinalizers ()
IRubyObject removeInstanceVariable (String name)
IRubyObject removeInternalVariable (String name)
RubyBoolean respond_to_p (IRubyObject mname, IRubyObject includePrivate)
RubyBoolean respond_to_p (IRubyObject mname)
final boolean respondsTo (String name)
IRubyObject round ()
IRubyObject round (IRubyObject[] args)
 RubyBigDecimal (Ruby runtime, BigDecimal value)
 RubyBigDecimal (Ruby runtime, RubyClass klass)
IRubyObject sadded (IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject scalar_p ()
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, Block block)
final void setFlag (int flag, boolean set)
void setFrozen (boolean frozen)
IRubyObject setInstanceVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void setInternalVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void setMetaClass (RubyClass metaClass)
void setTaint (boolean taint)
IRubyObject sign ()
RubyArray singleton_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyArray split ()
IRubyObject sqrt (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject step (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject to, IRubyObject step, Block block)
IRubyObject step (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject step (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject sub2 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject b, IRubyObject n)
void syncVariables (List< Variable< IRubyObject >> variables)
IRubyObject taint (ThreadContext context)
RubyBoolean tainted_p (ThreadContext context)
RubyArray to_a ()
IRubyObject to_c (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject to_f ()
IRubyObject to_int (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject to_int ()
IRubyObject to_java ()
IRubyObject to_s ()
IRubyObject to_s (IRubyObject[] args)
String toString ()
IRubyObject truncate (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject truncate ()
RubyClass type ()
RubyClass type_deprecated ()
IRubyObject untaint (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject zero_p (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject zero_p ()

Static Public Member Functions

static BigDecimal bigSqrt (BigDecimal squarD, MathContext rootMC)
static void checkInt (IRubyObject arg, long num)
static RubyClass createBigDecimal (Ruby runtime)
static RubyClass createNumericClass (Ruby runtime)
static RubyClass createObjectClass (Ruby runtime, RubyClass objectClass)
static IRubyObject dbl2num (Ruby runtime, double val)
static IRubyObject dbl_cmp (Ruby runtime, double a, double b)
static IRubyObject double_fig (IRubyObject recv)
static int fix2int (IRubyObject arg)
static long fix2long (IRubyObject arg)
static int formatFractionalDigitGroups (String format)
static boolean formatHasFloatingPointNotation (String format)
static boolean formatHasLeadingPlus (String format)
static boolean formatHasLeadingSpace (String format)
static RubyNumeric int2fix (Ruby runtime, long val)
static IRubyObject limit (IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject[] args)
static RubyBigDecimal load (IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject from, Block block)
static IRubyObject mode (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject[] args)
static RubyBigDecimal newBigDecimal (IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject[] args, Block unusedBlock)
static RubyBigDecimal newInstance (IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject[] args)
static RubyNumeric newNumeric (Ruby runtime)
static byte num2chr (IRubyObject arg)
static double num2dbl (IRubyObject arg)
static IRubyObject num2fix (IRubyObject val)
static int num2int (IRubyObject arg)
static long num2long (IRubyObject arg)
static void puts (Object obj)
static RubyFloat str2fnum (Ruby runtime, RubyString arg, boolean strict)
static RubyFloat str2fnum (Ruby runtime, RubyString arg)
static RubyInteger str2inum (Ruby runtime, RubyString str, int base, boolean strict)
static RubyInteger str2inum (Ruby runtime, RubyString str, int base)
static IRubyObject ver (IRubyObject recv)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ALL_F = -1
static final int BASE = 10000
static double DBL_EPSILON = 2.2204460492503131e-16
static final int EXCEPTION_ALL = 255
static final int EXCEPTION_INFINITY = 1
static final int EXCEPTION_NaN = 2
static final int EXCEPTION_OVERFLOW = 1
static final int EXCEPTION_UNDERFLOW = 4
static final int EXCEPTION_ZERODIVIDE = 1
static final int FALSE_F = 1 << 0
static final int FL_USHIFT = 4
static final int FROZEN_F = 1 << 2
static final IRubyObject NEVER = new RubyObject()
static final int NIL_F = 1 << 1
static final IRubyObject[] NULL_ARRAY = new IRubyObject[0]
static final ObjectAllocator OBJECT_ALLOCATOR
static final int ROUND_CEILING = BigDecimal.ROUND_CEILING
static final int ROUND_DOWN = BigDecimal.ROUND_DOWN
static final int ROUND_FLOOR = BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR
static final int ROUND_HALF_DOWN = BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_DOWN
static final int ROUND_HALF_EVEN = BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_EVEN
static final int ROUND_HALF_UP = BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP
static final int ROUND_MODE = 256
static final int ROUND_UP = BigDecimal.ROUND_UP
static final int SIGN_NaN = 0
static final int SIGN_NEGATIVE_FINITE = -2
static final int SIGN_NEGATIVE_INFINITE = -3
static final int SIGN_NEGATIVE_ZERO = -1
static final int SIGN_POSITIVE_FINITE = 2
static final int SIGN_POSITIVE_INFINITE = 3
static final int SIGN_POSITIVE_ZERO = 1
static final int TAINTED_F = 1 << 3
static final IRubyObject UNDEF = new RubyObject()
static final int USER0_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+0))
static final int USER1_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+1))
static final int USER2_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+2))
static final int USER3_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+3))
static final int USER4_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+4))
static final int USER5_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+5))
static final int USER6_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+6))
static final int USER7_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+7))

Protected Member Functions

IRubyObject callCoerced (ThreadContext context, String method, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject callCoerced (ThreadContext context, String method, IRubyObject other, boolean err)
void checkFrozen ()
final IRubyObject coerceBin (ThreadContext context, String method, IRubyObject other)
final IRubyObject coerceBody (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
final IRubyObject coerceCmp (ThreadContext context, String method, IRubyObject other)
final IRubyObject coerceRelOp (ThreadContext context, String method, IRubyObject other)
void copySpecialInstanceVariables (IRubyObject clone)
final RubyArray doCoerce (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other, boolean err)
void ensureInstanceVariablesSettable ()
IRubyObject[] getCoerced (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other, boolean error)
RubyClass getSingletonClassClone ()
final IRubyObject op_num_equal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
final void testFrozen (String message)
String validateInstanceVariable (String name)
boolean variableTableContains (String name)
boolean variableTableFastContains (String internedName)
IRubyObject variableTableFastFetch (String internedName)
IRubyObject variableTableFastStore (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject variableTableFetch (String name)
Map variableTableGetMap (Map map)
Map variableTableGetMap ()
int variableTableGetSize ()
VariableTableEntry[] variableTableGetTable ()
synchronized IRubyObject variableTableReadLocked (VariableTableEntry entry)
final VariableTableEntry[] variableTableRehash ()
IRubyObject variableTableRemove (String name)
IRubyObject variableTableStore (String name, IRubyObject value)
void variableTableSync (List< Variable< IRubyObject >> vars)

Static Protected Member Functions

static boolean eqlInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject that, final IRubyObject other)
static boolean equalInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject that, final IRubyObject other)
static final boolean isRubyVariable (String name)

Protected Attributes

transient Object dataStruct
int flags
transient RubyClass metaClass
transient volatile
transient int variableTableSize
transient int variableTableThreshold

Static Protected Attributes

static final String ERR_INSECURE_SET_INST_VAR = "Insecure: can't modify instance variable"
static final ObjectAllocator NUMERIC_ALLOCATOR
static final VariableTableEntry[] VARIABLE_TABLE_EMPTY_TABLE = new VariableTableEntry[0]
static final float VARIABLE_TABLE_LOAD_FACTOR = 0.75f
static final int VARIABLE_TABLE_MAXIMUM_CAPACITY = 1 << 30

Static Package Functions

static RubyString inspect (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject object)

Private Member Functions

IRubyObject addInternal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject b, String op, IRubyObject digits)
boolean asEngineering (String arg)
IRubyObject cmp (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject r, char op)
IRubyObject engineeringValue (String arg)
String firstArgument (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject floatingPointValue (String arg)
String format (IRubyObject[] args)
String getAllDigits ()
int getExponent ()
int getPositiveInt (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
RoundingMode getRoundingMode (Ruby runtime)
String getSignificantDigits ()
RubyBigDecimal getVpValue (IRubyObject v, boolean must)
int groups (String arg)
IRubyObject handleAddSpecialValues (RubyBigDecimal val)
RubyBigDecimal handleMinusSpecialValues (RubyBigDecimal val)
boolean hasArg (IRubyObject[] args)
boolean isInfinity ()
boolean isNaN ()
boolean isZero ()
int javaRoundingModeFromRubyRoundingMode (IRubyObject arg)
boolean posSign (String arg)
boolean posSpace (String arg)
String removeTrailingZeroes (String in)
RubyBigDecimal setResult (int scale)
RubyBigDecimal setResult ()
String unscaledValue ()

Static Private Member Functions

static RubyBigDecimal newInfinity (Ruby runtime, int sign)
static RubyBigDecimal newNaN (Ruby runtime)
static RubyBigDecimal newZero (Ruby runtime, int sign)

Private Attributes

int infinitySign = 0
boolean isNaN = false
BigDecimal value
int zeroSign = 0

Static Private Attributes

static final ObjectAllocator BIGDECIMAL_ALLOCATOR
static final Pattern INFINITY_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("^([+-])?Infinity$")
static final Pattern NUMBER_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("^([+-]?\\d*\\.?\\d*([eE][+-]?)?\\d*).*")
static final double SQRT_10 = 3.162277660168379332
static final BigDecimal TWO = new BigDecimal(2)


class  BigDecimalKernelMethods

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