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org::jruby::RubyModule Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jruby::RubyModule:

org::jruby::RubyObject org::jruby::runtime::builtin::IRubyObject org::jruby::runtime::builtin::InstanceVariables org::jruby::runtime::builtin::InternalVariables org::jruby::RubyClass org::jruby::IncludedModuleWrapper

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 98 of file RubyModule.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void addClassProvider (ClassProvider provider)
void addFinalizer (IRubyObject finalizer)
void addMethod (String name, DynamicMethod method)
void addModuleFunction (String name, DynamicMethod method)
void addReadAttribute (ThreadContext context, String name)
void addReadWriteAttribute (ThreadContext context, String name)
void addWriteAttribute (ThreadContext context, String name)
RubyModule alias_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject newId, IRubyObject oldId)
RubyArray ancestors ()
RubyArray ancestors (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject anyToString ()
RubyModule append_features (IRubyObject module)
IRubyObject as (Class javaClass)
String asJavaString ()
RubyString asString ()
void attachToObjectSpace ()
IRubyObject attr (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject attr_accessor (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject attr_accessor (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject attr_reader (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject attr_reader (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject attr_writer (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
final void callInit (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject arg)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject arg)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
IRubyObject callSuper (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject checkArrayType ()
IRubyObject checkStringType ()
IRubyObject class_variable_defined_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject var)
IRubyObject class_variable_get (IRubyObject var)
IRubyObject class_variable_set (IRubyObject var, IRubyObject value)
RubyArray class_variables (ThreadContext context)
RubyBoolean const_defined_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject const_get (IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject const_missing (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name, Block block)
IRubyObject const_set (IRubyObject symbol, IRubyObject value)
RubyArray constants (ThreadContext context)
RubyArray convertToArray ()
RubyFloat convertToFloat ()
RubyHash convertToHash ()
RubyInteger convertToInteger (int convertMethodIndex, String convertMethod)
RubyInteger convertToInteger ()
RubyString convertToString ()
final IRubyObject convertToType (RubyClass target, int convertMethodIndex)
synchronized Object dataGetStruct ()
synchronized void dataWrapStruct (Object obj)
IRubyObject define_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject define_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject define_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
synchronized void defineAlias (String name, String oldName)
synchronized void defineAliases (List< String > aliases, String oldName)
boolean defineAnnotatedConstant (Field field)
void defineAnnotatedConstants (Class clazz)
boolean defineAnnotatedMethod (JavaMethodDescriptor desc, MethodFactory methodFactory)
boolean defineAnnotatedMethod (Method method, MethodFactory methodFactory)
boolean defineAnnotatedMethod (String name, List< JavaMethodDescriptor > methods, MethodFactory methodFactory)
void defineAnnotatedMethod (Class clazz, String name)
void defineAnnotatedMethods (Class clazz)
void defineAnnotatedMethodsIndividually (Class clazz)
RubyClass defineClassUnder (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator)
void defineConstant (String name, IRubyObject value)
void defineFastMethod (String name, Callback method, Visibility visibility)
void defineFastMethod (String name, Callback method)
void defineFastModuleFunction (String name, Callback method)
void defineFastPrivateMethod (String name, Callback method)
void defineFastProtectedMethod (String name, Callback method)
void defineFastPublicModuleFunction (String name, Callback method)
void defineMethod (String name, Callback method)
void defineModuleFunction (String name, Callback method)
RubyModule defineModuleUnder (String name)
RubyClass defineOrGetClassUnder (String name, RubyClass superClazz)
RubyModule defineOrGetModuleUnder (String name)
void definePrivateMethod (String name, Callback method)
void definePublicModuleFunction (String name, Callback method)
IRubyObject deleteClassVariable (String name)
IRubyObject deleteConstant (String name)
IRubyObject display (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject dup ()
boolean eql (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject eql_p (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject equal_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
boolean equals (Object other)
IRubyObject evalUnder (final ThreadContext context, RubyModule under, RubyString src, String file, int line)
IRubyObject evalUnder (final ThreadContext context, RubyModule under, IRubyObject src, IRubyObject file, IRubyObject line)
IRubyObject executeUnder (ThreadContext context, Callback method, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
void exportMethod (String name, Visibility visibility)
IRubyObject extend (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject extend_object (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject extended (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other, Block block)
IRubyObject fastFetchClassVariable (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastFetchConstant (String internedName)
RubyClass fastGetClass (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetClassVar (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetConstant (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetConstantAt (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetConstantFrom (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetInstanceVariable (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastGetInternalVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasClassVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasConstant (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInstanceVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInternalVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastIsClassVarDefined (String internedName)
boolean fastIsConstantDefined (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastSetClassVar (final String internedName, final IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fastSetConstant (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fastSetInstanceVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
void fastSetInternalVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fastStoreClassVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fastStoreConstant (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject fetchClassVariable (String name)
IRubyObject fetchConstant (String name)
RubyModule findImplementer (RubyModule clazz)
IRubyObject freeze (ThreadContext context)
RubyBoolean frozen_p (ThreadContext context)
List< IRubyObjectgetAncestorList ()
String getBaseName ()
RubyClass getClass (String name)
IRubyObject getClassVar (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getClassVariableList ()
List< String > getClassVariableNameList ()
IRubyObject getConstant (String name)
IRubyObject getConstantAt (String name)
IRubyObject getConstantFrom (String name)
final boolean getFlag (int flag)
IRubyObject getInstanceVariable (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getInstanceVariableList ()
List< String > getInstanceVariableNameList ()
InstanceVariables getInstanceVariables ()
IRubyObject getInternalVariable (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getInternalVariableList ()
InternalVariables getInternalVariables ()
Class getJavaClass ()
final RubyClass getMetaClass ()
Map< String, DynamicMethodgetMethods ()
String getName ()
int getNativeTypeIndex ()
RubyModule getNonIncludedClass ()
RubyModule getParent ()
final Ruby getRuntime ()
RubyClass getSingletonClass ()
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getStoredConstantList ()
List< String > getStoredConstantNameList ()
RubyClass getSuperClass ()
RubyClass getType ()
int getVariableCount ()
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getVariableList ()
Map getVariableMap ()
List< String > getVariableNameList ()
boolean hasClassVariable (String name)
boolean hasConstant (String name)
RubyFixnum hash ()
int hashCode ()
boolean hasInstanceVariable (String name)
boolean hasInternalModuleVariable (final String name)
boolean hasInternalVariable (String name)
boolean hasModuleInHierarchy (RubyModule type)
boolean hasVariables ()
synchronized IRubyObject id ()
synchronized IRubyObject id_deprecated ()
RubyModule include (IRubyObject[] modules)
IRubyObject include_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject included (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
RubyArray included_modules (ThreadContext context)
synchronized void includeModule (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject infectBy (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject initialize ()
IRubyObject initialize (Block block)
IRubyObject initialize_copy (IRubyObject original)
IRubyObject inspect ()
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_eval (ThreadContext context, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_exec (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject instance_method (IRubyObject symbol)
RubyArray instance_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyBoolean instance_of_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject type)
IRubyObject instance_variable_defined_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject instance_variable_get (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject instance_variable_set (IRubyObject name, IRubyObject value)
RubyArray instance_variables (ThreadContext context)
boolean isClass ()
boolean isClassVarDefined (String name)
boolean isConstantDefined (String name)
final boolean isFalse ()
boolean isFrozen ()
boolean isImmediate ()
boolean isIncluded ()
boolean isInstance (IRubyObject object)
boolean isKindOfModule (RubyModule type)
boolean isMethodBound (String name, boolean checkVisibility)
boolean isModule ()
final boolean isNil ()
boolean isSingleton ()
boolean isTaint ()
final boolean isTrue ()
RubyBoolean kind_of_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject type)
RubyClass makeMetaClass (RubyClass superClass)
IRubyObject method (IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject method_added (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject nothing)
RubyBoolean method_defined_p (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject method_removed (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject nothing)
IRubyObject method_undefined (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject nothing)
IRubyObject methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject module_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject module_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject module_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject module_eval (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject module_eval (ThreadContext context, Block block)
RubyModule module_function (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
RubyString name ()
boolean needsImplementer ()
IncludedModuleWrapper newIncludeClass (RubyClass superClazz)
IRubyObject newMethod (IRubyObject receiver, String name, boolean bound)
IRubyObject nil_p (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject op_cmp (IRubyObject obj)
RubyBoolean op_eqq (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_equal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_ge (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_gt (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_le (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_lt (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_match (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg)
RubyModule private_class_method (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyArray private_instance_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject private_method_defined (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject private_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
RubyArray protected_instance_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject protected_method_defined (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject protected_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
RubyModule public_class_method (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyArray public_instance_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject public_method_defined (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject public_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject rbClone ()
RubyModule rbPrivate (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
RubyModule rbProtected (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
RubyModule rbPublic (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject remove_class_variable (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject remove_const (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name)
IRubyObject remove_instance_variable (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject name, Block block)
RubyModule remove_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
void removeClassProvider (ClassProvider provider)
IRubyObject removeCvar (IRubyObject name)
void removeFinalizers ()
IRubyObject removeInstanceVariable (String name)
IRubyObject removeInternalVariable (String name)
void removeMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
RubyBoolean respond_to_p (IRubyObject mname, IRubyObject includePrivate)
RubyBoolean respond_to_p (IRubyObject mname)
final boolean respondsTo (String name)
DynamicMethod retrieveMethod (String name)
IRubyObject searchInternalModuleVariable (final String name)
DynamicMethod searchMethod (String name)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject arg0, Block block)
IRubyObject send (ThreadContext context, Block block)
void setBaseName (String name)
IRubyObject setClassVar (String name, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject setConstant (String name, IRubyObject value)
final void setFlag (int flag, boolean set)
void setFrozen (boolean frozen)
IRubyObject setInstanceVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void setInternalModuleVariable (final String name, final IRubyObject value)
void setInternalVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void setMetaClass (RubyClass metaClass)
void setMethodVisibility (IRubyObject[] methods, Visibility visibility)
void setParent (RubyModule parent)
void setTaint (boolean taint)
RubyArray singleton_methods (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, IRubyObject arg2, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg0, IRubyObject arg1, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject arg, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, Block block)
IRubyObject specificEval (ThreadContext context, RubyModule mod, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject storeClassVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject storeConstant (String name, IRubyObject value)
void syncVariables (List< Variable< IRubyObject >> variables)
IRubyObject taint (ThreadContext context)
RubyBoolean tainted_p (ThreadContext context)
RubyArray to_a ()
IRubyObject to_java ()
IRubyObject to_s ()
String toString ()
RubyClass type ()
RubyClass type_deprecated ()
void undef (ThreadContext context, String name)
RubyModule undef_method (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args)
void undefineMethod (String name)
IRubyObject untaint (ThreadContext context)

Static Public Member Functions

static RubyClass createModuleClass (Ruby runtime, RubyClass moduleClass)
static RubyClass createObjectClass (Ruby runtime, RubyClass objectClass)
static void marshalTo (RubyModule module, MarshalStream output) throws java.io.IOException
static RubyArray nesting (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject recv, Block block)
static RubyModule newModule (Ruby runtime, String name, RubyModule parent, boolean setParent)
static RubyModule newModule (Ruby runtime)
static void puts (Object obj)
static RubyModule unmarshalFrom (UnmarshalStream input) throws java.io.IOException

Public Attributes

final int id
int index
KindOf kindOf = KindOf.DEFAULT_KIND_OF
RubyModule parent

Static Public Attributes

static final int ALL_F = -1
static final int FALSE_F = 1 << 0
static final int FL_USHIFT = 4
static final int FROZEN_F = 1 << 2
static final IRubyObject NEVER = new RubyObject()
static final int NIL_F = 1 << 1
static final IRubyObject[] NULL_ARRAY = new IRubyObject[0]
static final ObjectAllocator OBJECT_ALLOCATOR
static final int TAINTED_F = 1 << 3
static final IRubyObject UNDEF = new RubyObject()
static final int USER0_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+0))
static final int USER1_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+1))
static final int USER2_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+2))
static final int USER3_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+3))
static final int USER4_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+4))
static final int USER5_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+5))
static final int USER6_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+6))
static final int USER7_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+7))

Protected Member Functions

void checkFrozen ()
IRubyObject cloneMethods (RubyModule clone)
boolean constantTableContains (String name)
boolean constantTableFastContains (String internedName)
IRubyObject constantTableFastFetch (String internedName)
IRubyObject constantTableFastStore (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject constantTableFetch (String name)
Map constantTableGetMap (Map map)
Map constantTableGetMap ()
int constantTableGetSize ()
ConstantTableEntry[] constantTableGetTable ()
IRubyObject constantTableRemove (String name)
IRubyObject constantTableStore (String name, IRubyObject value)
void constantTableSync (List< Variable< IRubyObject >> vars)
void copySpecialInstanceVariables (IRubyObject clone)
final void ensureClassVariablesSettable ()
final void ensureConstantsSettable ()
void ensureInstanceVariablesSettable ()
RubyClass getSingletonClassClone ()
boolean isSame (RubyModule module)
 RubyModule (Ruby runtime)
 RubyModule (Ruby runtime, RubyClass metaClass)
 RubyModule (Ruby runtime, RubyClass metaClass, boolean objectSpace)
void setSuperClass (RubyClass superClass)
final void testFrozen (String message)
final String validateClassVariable (String name)
final String validateConstant (String name)
String validateInstanceVariable (String name)
boolean variableTableContains (String name)
boolean variableTableFastContains (String internedName)
IRubyObject variableTableFastFetch (String internedName)
IRubyObject variableTableFastStore (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject variableTableFetch (String name)
Map variableTableGetMap (Map map)
Map variableTableGetMap ()
int variableTableGetSize ()
VariableTableEntry[] variableTableGetTable ()
IRubyObject variableTableReadLocked (VariableTableEntry entry)
final VariableTableEntry[] variableTableRehash ()
IRubyObject variableTableRemove (String name)
IRubyObject variableTableStore (String name, IRubyObject value)
void variableTableSync (List< Variable< IRubyObject >> vars)

Static Protected Member Functions

static boolean eqlInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject that, final IRubyObject other)
static boolean equalInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject that, final IRubyObject other)
static final boolean isRubyVariable (String name)

Protected Attributes

String classId
transient volatile
transient int constantTableSize
transient int constantTableThreshold
transient Object dataStruct
int flags
transient RubyClass metaClass
RubyClass superClass
transient volatile
transient int variableTableSize
transient int variableTableThreshold
final ReentrantLock variableWriteLock = new ReentrantLock()

Static Protected Attributes

static final float CONSTANT_TABLE_LOAD_FACTOR = 0.75f
static final int CONSTANT_TABLE_MAXIMUM_CAPACITY = 1 << 30
static final String ERR_FROZEN_CONST_TYPE = "class/module "
static final String ERR_FROZEN_CVAR_TYPE = "class/module "
static final String ERR_INSECURE_SET_CLASS_VAR = "Insecure: can't modify class variable"
static final String ERR_INSECURE_SET_CONSTANT = "Insecure: can't modify constant"
static final String ERR_INSECURE_SET_INST_VAR = "Insecure: can't modify instance variable"
static final VariableTableEntry[] VARIABLE_TABLE_EMPTY_TABLE = new VariableTableEntry[0]
static final float VARIABLE_TABLE_LOAD_FACTOR = 0.75f
static final int VARIABLE_TABLE_MAXIMUM_CAPACITY = 1 << 30

Static Package Functions

static RubyString inspect (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject object)

Static Package Attributes

static ObjectAllocator MODULE_ALLOCATOR

Private Member Functions

void addAccessor (ThreadContext context, String internedName, boolean readable, boolean writeable)
String calculateFullName ()
RaiseException cannotRemoveError (String id)
final ConstantTableEntry[] constantTableRehash ()
DynamicMethod createProcMethod (String name, Visibility visibility, RubyProc proc)
void defineAnnotatedMethodsIndexed (Class clazz)
void doIncludeModule (RubyModule includedModule)
boolean hasConstantInHierarchy (final String name)
RubyArray instance_methods (IRubyObject[] args, final Visibility visibility, boolean not)
void putMethod (String name, DynamicMethod method)
RubyClass searchProvidersForClass (String name, RubyClass superClazz)
RubyModule searchProvidersForModule (String name)
void setVisibility (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Visibility visibility)

Private Attributes

volatile String bareName
transient List< ClassProviderclassProviders
volatile String fullName
final Map< String, DynamicMethodmethods = new ConcurrentHashMap<String, DynamicMethod>(12, 0.75f, 1)

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = false


class  ConstantTableEntry
class  KindOf
class  MethodClumper
class  ModuleKernelMethods

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